Our New Church Warden

Many of you will already know me if only as the mother of Milo and Finlay, the blond twins. With my husband, Crispin, I have been involved at St John’s since we moved from Ealing to Isleworth 2 years ago. We have 3 Vizsla’s (Hungarian hunting dogs) who need lots of exercise so it helps that we both love mountain biking and running!

I am really looking forward to being a church warden at St John’s and am excited about working with many of you in pursuing the path that St John’s is following. With hospitality being a pivotal factor in the church’s vision over the coming year, this is a new and exciting chapter that St John’s is entering and I am honoured to be an integral part of that.

Being part of the PCC and working closely with Tom and Brian will, I know, be an interesting experience(!) and with it obviously being my first time in this role, any help from the more experienced people will be very welcome.

As well as being a mother of twin 3 year olds, I do freelance work designing websites and doing graphic design which I really enjoy. I have been helping with St John’s publicity and I am very much looking forward to continuing to do so.

I am a hands on, approachable and practical person, something which will help in this new role. And with both of us having worked in property development, the buildings side of being church warden won’t phase me at all!