The Long Legacy Left by Grace

Although I was brought up and confirmed in the Church of England I didn’t really get Christianity till later in life. Before then I considered the church to be a stuffy place and the story of Jesus was a nice one that was told for the benefit of children.

At the age of 21, however, I had a serious change of heart. The result of all this was that I came to see how Christianity wasn’t just a moral code. As I grow older I realise how much Grace plays a large part in my life and I need to listen that still small voice of calm. This is of particular use to me as a London cabbie and a tour guide.

I have always enjoyed history and travelling and so tour guiding was an obvious choice as a career. It’s strange how small incidents and observations often remain longer in the memory than you’d expect.

I remember on a tour of Turkey someone suggested we should drive down to a cove. On a beach nearby there was a 2000 year old sarcophagus dedicated to a sea-captain. The inscription said that it was built by the captain’s crew in memory of the kindness and care he showed them in his life. I found this quite moving and remarkable; that such a detail should come down to us all those years later and how this virtuous person should be remembered long after empires have been and gone.

Jayne and I have lived here for over 7 years. David came along almost 3 years ago. Work means that I can’t make it to church as much as I’d want to but I feel at home here in St. John’s. The one great virtue of Anglicanism is that it is such a broad church and is more tolerant of diverse views and opinions.