The Struggle for Justice

Clare Paine, from Christian Aid, told us Edile’s story. A 9 yr old Colombian boy who used to live in fear of violence but now feels safe. His father died in sectarian violence and Edile and the rest of his family had to hide for 6 months in the mountains. CA’s Colombia partners in response, helped provide ‘safe zones’, weapon free, for families such as Edile’s, where communities also receive psychological support and legal assistance.

Clare comes from an academic background, and lived in Uganda whilst researching traditional authority patterns. She is one of CA’s Church Coordinators, a post she has held for about a year. She visits churches inspiring us to engage more deeply with global justice and poverty issues with CA and their partner organisations, very much one of the leaders in the field.

CA have since 2009 been running a campaign to require companies, especially multi nationals, to pay tax in the countries they are working in. It has been estimated that such non-payment totals a staggering $160bn a year – more than the entire amount of aid such countries receive.

Look at CA’s website or phone 0870 0787788 for their
resource material. This includes ‘Count Your blessings
2014’ – the aim of which is to make Lent a time of gratitude and to enable each of us to help change the lives of poor communities around the globe. It can be downloaded as an App.

CA week is 11-17 May. We want to build on our team of
Reps – and not expect Don Johnson, as he has for many years, to shoulder it all. Julian Joyce has agreed to come on board. Clare commented that Reps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We will want to do all possible to raise money, and join in by praying and campaigning.

Edile’s story can be seen on line at