Circle of Security Parenting Course

Keely writes: This is a relationship based program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and their infants and toddlers. Over 50 years of research has shown how secure children exhibit numerous benefits, including higher self-esteem, better relationships with parents, siblings and peers. It’s by no means prescriptive, but gives tools to better understand your child, their needs and behaviour and the most effective ways how to respond.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course; a great opportunity to meet other mums in an informal setting, to share our experiences in a secure and confidential environment. I would definitely recommend it to other parents, regardless of their child’s age.

Katy: The course gave great insight into understanding my toddler’s feelings and it was wonderful to share and be supported by other mums and be open about our experiences.

Carla: The material was easy to relate to and the visual diagrams easy to remember. During real-life situations with my daughter the diagrams would ‘pop up’ in my mind. I would then put what I had learnt into practice. It was also lovely sharing our experiences, feelings and opinions amongst the small and friendly group of ladies. All were willing to listen to each other and offer support. I will miss the Friday morning sessions.

Gloria: I knew I’d benefit from a parenting course but
was surprised by the depth yet simplicity of this course.
It helped me realise even more the importance of my relationship with my kids and how that can have an effect on their lives now and in their future. It will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life.

Our sincere thanks to Joanna for running this course and being such a fantastic host. She really made everyone feel very welcome and at ease throughout the sessions.