Wanting the Whole World to Know

Mwila Kafwanka is to be confirmed by Bishop Paul next Sunday at All Saints. She writes:

In my life so far I have been brought up in the Christian faith and have always been a part of it. I was baptised when I was little and do not remember anything. That was when my parents decided that I would be in the Christian faith. Now, I believe it is my time to show everyone that I actually want to be a part of this faith and have decided so myself. It’s time I make my own public stand for Jesus; I want the whole world to know that God and Jesus come first in my life.

Last summer I went to a Christian camp called Soul Survivor. This has also helped me reach my decision to be confirmed because it gave me a real feel of God’s work in how many people were healed and received the Holy Spirit. The fact of seeing people receive the holy spirit and myself receiving it has made me want to be a greater part of the church and take a step forward in my faith.

Being confirmed is not only about showing others your faithfulness but I am accepting God’s gift, I’m full with God through the Holy Spirit.

A thank you card to all the congregation from Val
I wish to thank you all so much for the wonderful kindness in sending me this very kind donation, not one of you know me personally, but it shows there is still so many people with big hearts in the world.

Please forgive me for not getting in touch before but my head and hands have not been working too well. My dear dogs are still at the vet, I try to see them every day, they are looked after so well, but we miss each other so much. My love to you all and best wishes from myself and my 2 remaining dogs.