Everything Worked Out Well

What an amazing spread of food!” someone commented. “It always seems to work out,” Julie replied. Young and old filled the tables which had been set up in the Hall. Nobody seemed to be in a hurry to leave, and it was only when the chairs began to be stacked and the tables folded away that the party began to disperse.

It was ‘bring and share’ at its best, as foods from around the world could all be enjoyed. Shepherd’s pie, macaroni cheese, curried chicken, lasagne, rice salad, green salad, slices of ham, pies, cheeses and more – the choice was ours. If it was hard to make a decision, everything went well together.

Then appeared Arthur’s trifle (“it’s the sherry which makes it, you know”) Zoe’s tiramisu – Zoe’s tiramisu, aaah! – and Katy’s amazing meringues with fruits of the forest and cream, as well as a fruit salad and more. What a meal!

Many who had helped with the Shelter Project were there. Friendships could be continued and new ones made. They were missing the Wednesday evenings and early Thursdays together. Are we going to do the Shelter again next year? As a church we could join together and be glad we had participated. Our particular gratitude was expressed to Grant for his excellent organising, following the high standards set last year by Julian, who was also present.

But we all recognised it had been a team effort. Volunteers had done it all, with great generosity. Some had come to set up the room; some had cooked the food; others hosted the evening; stayed overnight; and then more had arrived at 6.00 to do breakfast, with others then clearing everything in time for the school to be set up. Like the bring and share lunch, it had all worked out very well.