New Partnership with St Mary’s

Iannounced last Sunday that steps to join St Mary’s with St John’s are to be taken. Here is some more background information.

A number of people will remember that in 1995, Peter Myles (then Priest in charge of St John’s) was made Priest in charge of St Mary’s (while it remained an independent parish.) In 1997 his curate was so appointed, until leaving in 2001.

In 2002 it became a Chapel of Ease within the parish of Holy Trinity Hounslow. Some HTH members began to worship there and Stuart Shaw, on the staff at HTH, lived in St Mary’s vicarage (in Paget Lane, just by the church.) The church grew, until there was a change of vicar at HTH and Stuart also left.

Services have continued, most recently with help esp from Norman Lawrence who has lived in Hounslow all his life, and was deputy head at Lambton. There is a regular pianist, Kevin Bradley. Approx 35 people worship on a Sunday.

Legal responsibility currently is with the church wardens of HTH. That includes the finances and the buildings. More informally, there is a ‘St Mary’s Wider Action Group’, drawn from the congregation, of which Florence Williams is coordinator.

The church building is 1950s, listed Grade 2 and set in a small garden. There is also an adjacent 1930s hall, currently unusable. In the past, this has been recognised as having possible development potential.

Over the past few months, Bishop Paul has had a number of meetings to discuss St Mary’s future. His suggestion that a new partnership be formed with St John’s met with unanimous in principle support from both PCCs. There’s important detail to discuss, but our confidence is that together, we can do a lot more.

Tom Gillum