Partnership between St Mary’s and St John’s

The Bishop of Kensington has recently been considering possible pastoral re-organisation in Isleworth, in order to strengthen the church and our mission, with particular focus on St John the Baptist and St Mary the Virgin, Worton Road.

The 2 churches are geographically close, St Mary’s being at the junction of Bridge Road and Worton Road. Some will remember that between 1995 and 2002, Peter Myles, Priest in Charge of St John’s, was also Priest in Charge of St Mary’s. Since 2002, St Mary’s has been part of the benefice of Holy Trinity Hounslow.

As a result of this process, more recently involving the PCCs of both Holy Trinity Hounslow and St John’s, it has now been agreed in principle that a new partnership will be formed between St John’s and St Mary’s. It would result in one parish with 2 church buildings and 2 church halls.

The new partnership would result in St Mary’s becoming part of the benefice of St John’s. All steps to achieve this will now proceed in the usual way, with the aim of it being finalised as soon as all necessary consultation and consideration is satisfactorily completed.

In the meantime, with immediate effect, Tom Gillum will assume pastoral responsibility for St Mary’s, working with the Church wardens of Holy Trinity Hounslow and the current local leaders at St Mary’s. That will involve him taking some services at St Mary’s, and in his involvement in the usual parish duties at St Mary’s.

There will also be early opportunity for the PCC of St John’s and the St Mary’s congregation prayerfully to begin discussions about their shared vision and some of the practical implications of the future partnership. To help resource the new St John’s benefice, Bishop Paul has agreed to the appointment of a ‘Deanery Pioneer Curate’ as from July 2014. He or
she would be based at St John’s and in support of St Mary’s. (His aim is in the near future to confirm the name of the person to fill this new post.)

At recent meetings, the PCCs of both Holy Trinity and St John’s gave unanimous in principle support to this proposal. They are confident it will bring new opportunities for worship and mission, building the Kingdom of God within Isleworth, to the glory of God.