4 Volunteers & The Shelter Project

Simi: I was apprehensive at first, not quite knowing what to say to the guests. Football made conversations both easy and fun. I grew up with two brothers and was forced to watch Match of the Day! As a Sikh, I have been so impressed at the manner in which the Christian faith has welcomed and assisted those that are so disadvantaged.

Witnessing and hearing, first hand, the destruction of the guests’ lives is distressing. As is the cycle of drug and alcohol misuse, loss of relationships, loss of job, etc. It’s actually a wonder that some are so cheerful. It’s been a tremendously rewarding experience for me, and one that I want to remain involved in every year.

Tom: My wife asked me to come along, and I agreed. I had reservations about volunteering. It was my view if no one does anything for me, I am not going to do anything for others. That has completely changed. The first time I volunteered, the guests were in bad shape and looked completely worn out and tired, some of them would hardly talk to us.

Over the weeks, I noticed they looked healthier, groomed and started to gain confidence again. Last week was a highlight. Most had long conversations with us, some can see light at the end of the tunnel. It is so easy to walk down the street and think, just a homeless person. Now I understand it can happen to anyone. They are still people, with their own stories.

Katy: Creating meals for the men and seeing them waiting for a warm meal and a bed caused me great sadness but also a determination to get Tesco and a few other individuals to give.

Alan: The men who came were intelligent and talented, in many cases men who had terrible battles with addictions who knew there devils but were respectful of the good the people of faith were doing for them.