In the Clear

Mrs Davies, I have to tell you that all your tests are clear.”

After two and a half years and 147 visits to five different hospitals the battle was over.

Throughout that time I had received the most marvellous support from the congregation of St John’s. Over forty letters and cards were the physical evidence of people’s care and love for me. But more importantly I was aware of all the prayers winging their way to heaven on my behalf.

Even during the darkest time I was conscious of God’s love for me and was able to face the future knowing that he would love me whatever the outcome of the cancer treatment.

I was privileges to be a witness for my faith at the hospital and am sure it was and encouragement for the other people with the same problems.

Christmas 2013 will be a time of joy and thanksgiving to a God who has carried me in his arms through the pain and trauma of cancer.


Gillian Davies