St Jude’s Storm Destroys Val’s Home

Three houses were partially destroyed after a tree was knocked over by the strong winds. I am sure you will have heard about how the St Jude’s day storm affected three houses on the Bath Road, Hounslow. One belonged to Val, an elderly woman who lived alone. She is a friend of Mary Rose Langfield, who reports:

Val was found in the rubble of what had been her home for over 50 years, clutching one of her three beloved dogs and crying out for help to find the other two. Thankfully, a brave policeman rescued them all.

She has really bad burns, especially to her hands and arms and has had to have skin grafts to them and to her face. I suspect she has several weeks in hospital ahead of her. Young’s (vets) are being wonderful and taking great care of her dogs.

The Council sent someone to see her and although they spoke about finding accommodation when she is ready to leave hospital, they also told her there was no way it would be with her dogs! (I shall be threatening them with going to the press if they don’t at least try to find her something temporary with her dogs!)

Friends have rallied round and given her a few basic clothes and a bit of credit for her bed-side television. She can’t remember whether or not and with whom she has insurance. The Bank wouldn’t release statements etc because without paperwork she wasn’t able to prove who she was! Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Val is by nature a cheery soul and when I speak to her she seems to be in good spirits. I think it will be later that she realises how much she has lost and so, needs. Her house was totally destroyed and though she talks of hoping to recover photos etc, I doubt she will.

I’m sure local Christians would like to help and I know she will be immensely grateful for any money we raise.

Basket on table for gifts – cheques: PCC of St John’s