Brian Shephard 1931 – 2013

‘A gentle, very modest, man – a real gentleman.’ So at his funeral Arthur described Brian, known to many at St John’s as a Sidesman, who made all so very welcome.

Born in Ealing, he moved to Catherine Gardens when he married Kathlyn. She sadly died in 1998. He said little of his working life with the DPP and Treasury Solicitor, in recognition of which he was made a member of the Imperial Service Order.

He was a scout leader in Ealing and Hanwell rising to Assistant District Commissioner before retiring from uniform and becoming warrant secretary. In Hounslow, he led a cub section, then the scouts and was then District Scout Leader. He attended two World Scouting Jamborees – in Paris in Idaho.

He and Kathlyn were volunteers on the Watercress Line in Hampshire. She served in the shop at Alton and he was part of the station staff (when he wasn’t a guard, waving his flag and blowing his whistle.) He was a member of Isleworth Probus Club, on the committee, as catering manager. At St John’s we enjoyed the interesting selection of cakes he made for our Fairs. Every Monday he played table tennis with friends. He was a member of Middlesex County RFU.

Brian had the sort of clear and well informed mind which, when turned to examine its claims, would reassure that Christianity’s intellectual foundation is solid. It was fitting to have read at his funeral, ‘I am convinced that…nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.’ (St Paul in Romans 8.31) Clear thinkers like Brian help those who might dismiss the Gospel as a fairy story, or see ‘faith’ as non-intellectual. Being ‘convinced’ of its truth can instead lead to a rich, creative, dynamic, and life changing and life enhancing faith in Jesus.

Brian leaves two sons, David and Alan. David is married to Alison with two children, Lucy and Alexander.