St John’s: Home From Home

Sean and I are now back in S Africa, at Somerset West, in a flat which is part of Sean’s parents’ house. It’s great to be with family.. and of course the family dog (Monty). We babysit Sean’s nephew (5) and niece (3) almost every weekend – the things they say sometimes, ‘Out of the mouths of babes…’!

St John’s was the home I never had in a church. I spent a few years drifting from church to church, until one day I tried St John’s. I received a warm welcome from Arthur (as do most newcomers!) He wasn’t pushy, but neither would he let me drift away. Before I knew it I was part of the confirmation group, and was baptised and confirmed by Bishop Paul.

I love how diverse and talented we all are. Everyone plays a part in making things happen – and with such enthusiasm! Hospitality is the perfect theme for St John’s. Not only do you feel welcomed, but are invited to worship, encouraged to participate, and you receive a great sense of joy in doing so.

When I joined St John’s, we were in interregnum. With strong wardens and a good support base, we pushed through. Since having Tom and John on board there have been a lot of changes, and they have all been positive! It is lovely to see how pass-ionate they are in connecting people with God.

I have found a fairly good job. Sean is finding it very difficult. He has been for quite an intense first interview (including psychometric testing), and was invited back for a horrible second interview. The right thing will come at the right time.

Now back in South Africa, we have the daunting task of trying to find a new church. With any luck it will be half the home St John’s has been to us.

Daphne Lester