What Sunday Meant For Michelle

Being baptized on Sunday was a wonderful occasion.  It was as though I was saying thank you to God, for  finding St John’s and for all the strength I have received. I was able to make the promises truly believing in a God who is good, involved in the detail of my life.

I am not from a religious family and there had never really been much reason to think much about God. But over the last few years I have lost my brother and my nan who I was very close too and in 2011, I lost my first baby at a late point in the pregnancy. After losing my baby, I felt like I needed to pray. So Paul my husband (who had gone to church in Perivale
when he was growing up) and I started to come to St John’s on a Sunday.

We found being there on a Sunday gave us a sense of peace and hope, that there is ‘someone there’ who was helping to guide us and we began to feel part of the church. The sermons covered real life issues mixed in with some of Tom’s light humour.

We began to find strength to pick ourselves up and in 2012 I became pregnant again. At this point in my life God helped me find the faith I needed as I was really apprehensive given everything that had happened over the last few years and in February we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful baby boy, Harry. I feel very thankful and am grateful that I have been  able to express my feelings through being baptized.

I’m looking forward to exploring my faith further now as a Christian and now that God has helped me through this period and onto happier pastures.
Michelle Roberts