An Insider’s Perspective Of Egypt

Whilst much in the media about Egypt may be true, it gives a very selective perspective. Anyone who has the misfortune of being close to one of the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations may well disagree they are “peaceful demonstrators” (many friends have had close calls.) The sit-ins are now resulting in complete disruption of the daily lives of many.

On Friday July 26, an estimated 40 million people took to the streets. The “Silent Majority”, who usually sit at home and watch political events on TV, voted with their feet to show their solidarity against the aggressive and disruptive behaviour of the Muslim Brotherhood protestors. It was an amazing night of celebration and jubilation, affirming together an Egypt where all are respected as equal citizens.

With the Ramadan breaking-of-the-fast call at sunset, all church bells in Egypt rang out in solidarity. Christians then ate with Muslims in public squares, an unprecedented act of unity. Remarkably few incidents of violence, petty theft and harassment of women were reported. The euphoria of the people went on all night as massive crowds expressed their rejection of the “Political Islam” agenda of the MB.

Please pray for the Egyptian leadership as they try to figure out a way to disband the demonstrators without the shedding of blood.

At the Bible Society, we are working hard to produce materials that will help encourage Egyptians to love their fellow-citizens even if they disagree with them politically. The hatred which is being felt in society in general against the MB is very worrisome.

Please pray for us as we communicate the radical, Biblical mandate to “overcome evil with good”.

Taken from Bible Society of Egypt newsletter 2nd Aug