Visit Of Longmont Chorale

Alarge choir as part of our Sunday service. Mmm… will they expect to be mic’ed up?

Longmont Chorale had been on tour in the UK and Ireland for 2 weeks – their final stop was to be as part of our morning service, organised through contacts with Alex Turner.

I arrived, earlier than normal to set-up the screen and microphones, to the sight of a large tour bus and the sound of the choir already rehearsing. For an un-auditioned chorus they sounded very pro-fessional and strong enough not to need mic’ing up.

Our service was to include items from the choir, as well as them leading some of the hymns. They certainly added a splash of colour in their matching red shirts, filling the choir pews for the Sanctus which sounded wonderful in our acoustic. It seemed a shame not to applaud them.

Chatting to some of the choir after the service, a good number of them had never been to the UK before and said they really enjoyed the hospitality given by St John’s after living on hotel and fast food for most of their trip. Such is life on tour I suppose. Their cameras then pointed to the sky as an Emirates Airbus A380 came overhead en route to Heathrow!

With more time it would have been lovely to have taken them around Isleworth, but Westminster Abbey was the next stop to experience evensong before flying out the following day (last Monday).

It was a lovely service and one I do hope will be remembered by both the choir and all of us.

Mike Jefferies
We are very touched by Longmont’s gift to us of a specially carved wooden cross.