Our Mental Image Of Jesus

Iwent recently to the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, where John baptised Jesus. The most striking thought was the heat being 44 degrees! It dominates everything and is so far removed from our world. The people are so far different to us in our western society.

My original impression of Jesus was of a long haired western man whereas, whilst there, I strongly felt He was far from that. It made me think how wrong we portray Him and that it is natural for all of us to think of Him physically as a western person. Our imagery portrays that.

Middle Eastern people are utterly dominated by the intense heat. It’s what makes them. The heat was similar to stepping into a sauna. Dry and debilitating. It makes you either crazy or utterly calm and peaceful and the feeling of being where He was baptised and our church has had a profound effect on my thoughts.

Just some thoughts.  It would be interesting to see how others see Jesus in their minds/hearts. Perhaps it’s just me thinking this. It was the physical heat that has changed my concepts. It also made me love and admire him more.


Soon after returning from Jordan, Jonny had an accident in Croatia – losing control on his bicycle and being catapulted into the harbour. He broke his jaw as he crashed into a boat and was pulled unconscious from the water. The necessary surgery has gone well, resulting in 2 plates being inserted in his jaw. The recovery has been very good, and he is now working again. He says his experience of the power of prayer has been profound. We wish him all the very best.