Christianity Explored

Ido not come from a religious family and despite going to church weekly at school and attending other parishes I have never explored Christianity to the extent of asking myself the questions that most Christians have. Why are we here? Who is Jesus? Why did he come? and What is it all about? A couple of months ago Joanna asked if I would like to join in on a fantastic course (Christianity Explored) with just ladies and their children on Friday mornings at the vicarage. I was a bit dubious.

How could I do anything with my twin two year olds and concentrate, and although a Christian, did I have time to sit and discuss the fundamental questions with a group of people with children running riot! My worries were totally unfounded and 5 weeks on I thoroughly enjoy the course, and the boys haven’t made mud pies out of Tom’s pot plants or secretly put all their favourite things in their bin…yet! The course allows you to look at Christianity from a totally fresh perspective, asking all those “silly” questions you never wanted to actually ask. The group aspect is a sociable way to delve deeper in to Why Jesus came and Why did he die and rise again? Basically, What is Christianity all about? With a range of views you really get an all round discussion and a 360 degree perspective on what Mark’s Gospel is all about. There are no wrongs or rights, you don’t have to offer an opinion and you don’t have to agree with everything.

It allows you to see bible stories you took for granted such (Feeding  the 5000, Jesus Calms the Storm) in a different light.

For anyone hesitating, I would definitely encourage you to jump on board and get involved, you will feel different afterwards…a good different.

Sarah Wood