Biting Back At Hunger

Christian Aid is a VERY good cause. The present Archbishop thinks so; so still does the previous one; so does St John’s. For many years, we have been raising money for it (over £800 sent in 2012.)

Each year, they ask all churches to join in raising money for them, and to raise the profile of what they do. This week, 12th – 19th May, ie NOW, is Christian Aid Week. The aim this year is to help some of the world’s poorest families get enough to eat. For good.

“There is more than enough food in the world for everyone, but one in eight people will go to bed hungry tonight. This is a scandal.” Hence, Bite Back at Hunger. Look at thier website.

Read there more about projects to change the lives of thousands all over the world. When in Sudan last November, I saw one training teachers. Some span many years – others meet urgent disaster needs.

For example, Christian Aid partners with CCSMKE in Kenya, helping farmers by providing specific weather forecasts for remote areas. And with Dabane Trust in Zimbabwe, helping families building a sand dam. And CIPCA in Bolivia, helping families to secure rights to their land, to keep farm animals and diversify their crops.

Please join in by giving money – and let’s give really generously. As a way of meeting world poverty, this is as good a charity as there is. Give online via their website. Give by using one of the envelopes in church, filling them with bank notes or with a cheque! If you have a neighbour or friend you think would like an envelope, please take as many as you need. Consider arranging a fund raising event – an enjoyable and worthwhile thing to do.

Tom Gillum