Confirmation 2013

The church was filled with music – so loud and glorious. It made me wish for a choir, or a brass band every Sunday.”

There was hardly a spare seat: “how wonderful to see our church full to bursting to celebrate those coming newly to faith on a beautiful Spring morning.” Although not everyone could sit in their ‘usual’ seat, the sense of family meant that did not matter.

“What a warmhearted and joyful atmosphere it was at St. John’s.”

(Lina) “Being baptised with my three girls was the most amazing thing which has ever happened to me. Now I can say that I am really free from everything from my sins and my past. I can now really move forward and I look forward to my new life with God. He has done so much for me and now it’s time for me to do as much as I can to serve the Lord in the right way I can, and I hope my children will to the same. Yes it was a very, very special service.”

“The confirmation was wonderful especially because our families from Italy and Germany arrived for this occasion. As Bishop Paul prayed for Jessica, it brought us all one more step closer again.”

This brings together reflections from a number of different contributors. Many thanks