Eager For the Big Day

I’m 11 years old. I have a brother with Downs Syndrome called Luca and I have two lovely parents, Gabriela and Giovanni. I can’t wait to be confirmed as all my family from Italy and Germany are coming to celebrate. It will be just like me getting baptised 10 years ago, except now it’s my decision where before my parents chose my religion.

Confirmation does bring you closer to God but it’s not by ‘magic’. It works because you are spending more time with God, going to church by praying and serving others. I want to be closer to God and I want to be more a part of the church community. I want to follow Jesus’ footsteps and to encounter God more fully and to be the person God wishes me to be.

I now go with Alice, Jasmine and a few other girls after church for confirmation lesson. It’s really fun and Tom teaches us lots of interesting facts!


It was last year when I asked Tom if I could be confirmed. I’d decided it was time for me to be a more responsible member of the church and thought that getting confirmed was a good way of starting.

My names are Alice Hedd. Hedd is Welsh for peace and is pronounced ‘Heth’. My mum’s family are Welsh and live in the Rhondda valley. My dad’s family are Irish and live in co Clare and co Mayo.

I’m in year 6 at the Blue School and am hoping to go to Christ’s next year with some of my friends. I’m really excited to go.

I’ve been attending Tom’s confirmation classes after church on a Sunday and have enjoyed learning and talking about the bible stories with my friends. I feel really pleased that I go to St John’s.