Making The Best Of Lent

For Lent this year, rather than fasting, or giving something up, I wanted to take up something I hoped would improve my relationship with God. I decided to spend an hour every day doing this. As it turns out, this was a lot more difficult than anticipated! Some days I would listen to my audio bible, other days I would choose a topic and research it online. Self study is great, but it can lack direction.

I joined in with Christianity Explored. It was a great opportunity for structured bible study, as well as for discussion and reflection on what we were reading. We had a lot of interesting discussions. It has been great to be part of the journey the confirmation group have been on.

My most favourite part of Lent this year, though, has been the Shelter Project. Last year Tom sent out a few emails about volunteering in Shelters, and how much there is to gain in helping. Honestly, I was a bit scared at first. I had no idea what to expect.

Julian was a great inspiration with his motto being ‘Go and have one real conversation this evening!’ We did, and it was fantastic! I came back for more every week. You can really feel the Joy of Christ. The guests came in after a long cold day on the street, to be met with a warm welcome and good conversation over a hearty meal. It has been good fun, and I really am quite sad that it’s over for the year.

Tom and Joanna hosted the Passover Meal on Maundy Thursday. It’s a great experience to celebrate the Exodus, and how it ties in with Christ. I think the ending is a really apt description on my experience of Lent this year, with the song ‘’ You shall go out with joy. And be let forth with peace…’’.

Daphne Lester