A Friend’s Happy Tears

My phone rang. It was a good friend, asking me to go to her baptism and confirmation – in Ealing, and in an hour’s time! So Jessica, my sister and I got in the car and made it there just in time.

The change in my friend has been obvious. She used to be quiet and introverted, and we all knew she had had real problems. But things began to change after a work friend had invited her to church. Now, she was really open and obviously excited about what was about to happen.

There was lots of singing and music in the Service, which the children with us enjoyed. Everyone getting baptized said something. For each one it was different, but there was a common thread; which was the big part God had played in their lives. When my friend was baptized, there were tears in her eyes – but happy tears, which I’d never seen before, except in a film. It left me knowing I wanted to do the same thing. Oliver is going to be christened and I will be confirmed on 28th April.

While growing up we went regularly to church, in Ealing. When I was 13, I went away for a week in the summer to a big gathering with lots of other young people. But then my uncle got ill and we stopped going to church. Once out of the habit, my other friends took over and I wanted to stay in with them. In my mid-teens I lost confidence and kept myself to myself. Then I got pregnant.

Jessica brought me to St John’s one Sunday and also to Wednesday Toddler Church. I have found helpful the discussions we have had at Christianity Explored. And the week we saw the DVD about Herod, for the next few days, I kept on thinking about wanting an inner strength to stand up for what I know is right, and not just to please my friends.

Abbie Guyett