Michelle’s Transformed Life

My father was a fanatic Jehovah’s Witness when I was young. The strain it put on my parents’ marriage proved too great and my mother divorced him when I was 2. We grew up in Feltham.

In my teens, I got involved with street drugs. I was on them until I fell pregnant with my elder daughter. Then, when she was about 6, for no obvious reason, I began to feel spaced out and ill. One day I had a big panic attack and was then diagnosed with anxiety and depersonalization disorder.

As a result, I was admitted as an outpatient for 6 months at Lakeside. Things were not great, but with medication, I learnt to deal with it. I think the street drugs were at least in part to blame for all this.

About 9 months after Nevaeh, my second child was born, I started coming to St John’s. She is a wonderful gift from God. I knew I wanted to give her a start to life which would take her down the right path. So I went to the church nearest us. I love coming, and it gives me a very good feeling. I have met lots of nice people.

Nevaeh and I are getting baptized on 28th April – and I will be confirmed too. I feel my life has been transformed since I was ill – I am now working, I have another child, I am much better.

Christianity Explored has for me opened up a new understanding about Jesus. Leon, my partner, has told me how strong my faith has got. We now read the Bible together at home. I can definitely now say that I believe in Jesus. I am looking forward to the 28t, but I may be a bit embarrassed on the day.

Michelle Trutwein