The Right Time For Leigh

It was the birth of Isabella, Grant and my daughter, which first brought me to St John’s. My mother was raised a Catholic but when she had my sister and me she couldn’t keep up the commitment of going to church every Sunday. So she decided to leave it to us to find our path when the time was right for us. 13 years later my younger sister was born and my mother returned to the Catholic Church. At this point in my life I was too busy having fun and being self centered to find God.

Isabella’s birth caused me to reassess my priorities. One of the first things I did, towards the end of last year, was to go to church. I tried the Catholics for a bit, but when I found St John’s friendly and welcoming, I decided to stay. Coming to a service here leaves me feeling at peace and I leave having heard things I want to put into practice. Grant is very supportive and accompanies me to church and helps out with the homeless shelter, but remains a proud Church of Scotland man.

I have been doing Christianity Explored, in preparation for my and Isabella’s baptism (and my confirmation.) I have always believed in God, but the course has helped me get to know the Bible and to learn more about Jesus. I was a bit freaked out at first when we read about demons, as that reminded me of horror films I used to watch.
I now feel I know not just about the miracles Jesus performed, but something of their importance. The story of the little girl brought back to life has particular echoes for me. The evening about the cross impressed on me how wicked people can be.

I am looking forward to the 28th April – to my knowing in a new way that my sins have been washed away and that I am on the way to becoming a new and improved person. Leigh Clarke