Prayer during the shelter

It is no co-incidence that St John’s time of hosting TSPH is over the six weeks of Lent. We have the opportunity to do something practical for those who are homeless, and we also have the chance to create links with prayer.

I am hoping that those participating in the Shelter will be putting on paper some of their reflections. There will be new perspectives on homelessness, on ourselves and on God, and more. It is really valuable to try to put these into words. Please send them in!

Praying together while the Shelter is going on should be seen as a natural part of it. Far from creating a divide between the ‘spiritual’ and the ‘practical’, these are two sides of the same coin. Whether you are at home; helping in the Hall, or you join me in the Church (where I will be there from 7.30 – 9.30pm) please be part of this time for us to pray together.

The story of Jesus’ Transfiguration, which the church identifies as the ideal one to take us into Lent, sets the tone. First, it is Jesus who invites us to join him, as He is at prayer – it’s the same for us.

Next, prayer is done with others, ideally present together. Then, it is as we pray that we start to see Jesus differently and we start to see how He sees.

I suggest this is how we might pray.

• In lament for the injustices and life experiences which result in homelessness
(Isaiah 58.) We lay this social ill before God;

• For unexpected friendships to be made through TSPH;
• For the homeless to find a home;
• For the presence of Christ to be recognised in TSPH;
• For God to protect, strengthen and bless.