When You Pray, How Do You Feel The Spirit?

First stop, the font. ‘How many of you go to church?’ Up went a few enthusiastic hands from Year 4 of Worple School at their visit to St John’s. ‘And who has seen a baptism?’ About the same number of hands. A lesson then about why the font has 8 sides. One of the boy’s names gave a clue. And a girl whispered that it was her birthday.

‘Who recognises names of books from the Bible’, as the CD played. Exodus! Joshua! Samuel! Isaiah! My father’s name is John! My brother’s is Mark! Attempts to say Genesis and Revelation, eg, were only partially successful.

We looked up at the West window. ‘Can we sing our song about Herod?’ They impressively went for it; reminding everyone how horrid he was.

Testing out the pulpit was a huge hit, so Katherine the teacher reports. ‘I can’t hear you!’ could be heard from the back, so voices were raised. When the PA went on, there was even more scope. ‘What’s written on the floor by the font?’ one boy asked. Down on our knees, we deciphered the plaque of the congregation’s gratitude to their first vicar. Others got on drawing some of the features of the church.

‘You can now ask Father Tom your questions,’ Katherine advised. ‘How old are you?’ How much money do you earn?’ (Katherine was not sure about that one.) Where do you get the candles from? ‘What’s the best bit of your job?’ ‘How did you choose to come to Isleworth?’ ‘Have you got a prayer to pray with us? When you pray, how do you feel the Spirit?’ Yes, especially when I pray in public, I feel the Spirit inspiring my words, feeling something of God’s heart,

Katherine writes: Thank you so much for making Year 4s visit so enjoyable and informative. The children had a great time and when we went back to school we wrote about our visit. I do like older buildings like St John’s. It has a lovely atmosphere.