Tom Off To RSS

This time in two weeks, I shall be in Mundri, RSS. A flight to Addis Ababa; followed by another to Juba; and then finally a light plane to our destination. The rains have been so heavy this year that we were advised against driving the last leg.

I doubt many (or any) of you have heard of Mundri; and a google map search won’t show you a lot. It’s in the South of Sudan. I’m leading a SOMA team, (small Anglican Mission organisation) at the request of Bishop Bismark (Episcopal Church of Sudan) to teach at a Youth Conference he is gathering. This will be the fourth such trip I have made over the years – the first to Mundri, and the first as leader.

The team consists of 5 of us from UK (3 men, 2 women), Georgia from Kenya and Peter from Sudan. We are going under. We will be staying at the nearby Guesthouse of MRDA (they have a website – so does ECS.) Tim, from Blandford Forum (coincidentally) has just been there; I quote from a recent letter:

Lenin the Cockerel has absolutely no sense of time. There are sounds of the tropical night and the incessant laughter of the cooks outside my window. Add to that the call to prayer for the muslim celebrations of Eid at the Mundri Mosque, which is a couple of hundred yards from here, and you get the picture. Mundri is a complex mix of tribes and it appears that there is no great tension between Christian and Muslim, despite the pain between north and south as nations.

Please pray for us while we are away (15-28 Nov.) We want quickly to adapt to a very different world; to work well as a team; to stay healthy; to build lasting friendships and to help the Sudanese we will be with connect better with the Gospel of Christ.

Tom Gillum