Bright Colours and Smiles

Luca was 2 weeks premature. A perfectly happy child, the doctor said. He was good – almost too good: sleeping through the night, never cried. But for the next 2 months he would fall asleep after 2 minutes feeding.

Then good news: he gained weight. I stopped at a church to thank God for helping Luca. I sat with him in my arms and felt overwhelmed by this love for my child. I felt so peaceful knowing God is right next to me and Luca.

2 months later, another visit to the hospital. The pediatrician took longer than usual, concluding that Luca has Trisomy 21 (Downs). It was like falling deep into a dark nowhere, an emptiness. I could not cry. I sat on my chair and felt like a stone, unable to move or comprehend what this man just said to me. I have died: no, my child has just died. What is he saying?

And then everyone around me… sad. I felt abandoned by God who gave me my boy back just to take him away from me. WHY? Why me? And Luca: exploring the world crawling around the house behind the cat; laughing and happy.

When we were visiting Giovanni’s parents in Italy, Don Antonio, the village vicar called in ‘per un aperitivo’. With a smile he said, ‘God chooses the families well in which he places his special children’. With one sentence he broke the wall of sadness around me, and finally I was able to let go of the anger, sadness, and fear of the future. Above all I re-found my faith.

I have cherished every day with Luca and I am terribly proud of him. He does let not interfere with his life his so called “disability”. Some aspects need a little more input, more patience, and a great sense of humour. At times he just drives us crazy! He is very special and very much
loved. Who taught me more than I will ever be able to teach him. I often feel very lucky to accompany Luca through his life which is full of bright colours and smiles.

Jessica is a wonderful sister, and her lovely friends from the Blue School have always been so caring and kind to Luca including him in all the games…even dressing him up in girls clothes as boys were not allowed in the game!!