An Evening To Celebrate

What an evening? Full of celebration, fun and wit! It was Thursday, when we celebrated the Church’s re-furbishment, and gave thanks to God for who we are but especially for all who worked hard and gave the church building a new and wonderful look – pleasant and with a good feel to it.

Yes, it was the evening when St John’s invited family and friends and came together to celebrate through singing and music, poems, story-telling and other talents and skills including film-making and much more! Those who shared and performed were ranged from the youngest to the oldest. What a great community, where everyone has a place to take part in sharing their skill and talent in honouring God; where everyone is appreciated and loved!

The Church was full with people from our congregation and others, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and appreciated the wonderful talent. The congregation showed they appreciated through laughter and by huge applauses at the end of each performance. It was thrilling and also inspiring for the young and old alike!

It was the evening when Bishop Paul joined us, and also invited us to pledge ourselves to sharing Christ in friendship, but this was not before he shared a great story, in which a woman bought a house but did not know where WC was located.

The celebration ended with the wonderful hospitality St John’s Church is well known for – food and drinks for all is a great way of meeting and making friends – after all, Christian faith is all about friendship!

By Mwila Kafwanka
(with help from her Dad)